ABOUT Ed Donovan

Ed Donovan is an actor who has appeared in many roles. He lives in
Orlando Florida and he is a member of SAG. He has been in Monster(2003), and starred in commercials and was formerly a Boston Policeman for 30 years. He co-founded the Boston Police Stress unit and was a frequent guest of talk shows like Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey and other talk shows with a `Police Stress` subject matter.


Ed Donovan Film Links

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Monster 2003 (Charlize Theron)


End Of The Spear Part 1

My Resume

Film Played Production Company
The Frogmen Naval Officer Samuel C Engel
The Thomas Crown Affair Stand in for Steve McQueen Norman Jewison
Macho Men Mr. Waterloo Jeff George Production
Virgins Homeowner Glen Mobley Productions
Choir Practice Stress Expert Ed Donovan Productions
Hereditary Misfortune James Smith I wonder Productions
Suspension of Disbelief Det Phil Vannatter Rob Horgan Productions
Aeolian Harp Charles (lead) Full Sail
After Death Priest Full Sail
Monster Prison Guard Zodiac Productions
Fetus Fish Ed Wildcat Productions
Drowning Security Chief Drowning LLC
Valencia Police Chief Alert Productions
Figment Homeowner Nabipour Productions
Karaoke King Bar Owner Caius Productions
Tom and the Tattered Bunny Tom Full Sail
Coming Attractions George H Bush Coming Attractions LLC
Television Played Production Company
Skeleton Stories Sheriff Reniff Discovery Health Channel
Dr G Medical Examiner Homicide detective Discovery Health Channel
Sheena Pilot Corsica Productions
World Amazing News Detective Japanese TV-Nippon
In Search Of Pitchfork Man Haxan Productions
Cops Behind the Badge Police Expert HBO-Rainbow Productions
The Shattered Badge Program director September Inc/ABC
48 Hours Police Counselor CBS Productions
Oprah Himself Harpo Productions
Phil Donahue Himself Phil Productions
Orlando`s Actors Showcase Host Kurt Howland Productions
IBA-Telethon Host Full Sail Television
Training Description Teacher/Professor
University of Central Florida Acting JJ Ruscella
University of Central Floirda Film and Television Production Robert Jones
Manatee Community College Intermediate Screenwriting Del Jacobs
Patrick Cherry Acting for the Camera Patrick Cherry
Zoe Scene Study with Russ Blackwell  
Valencia Community College Dialects Ginny Kopf
Valencia Community College Voice Ginny Kopf

Master Acting workshop with Charles Nelson Reilly. Casting workshops with Ellen Jacoby, Lori Wyman, Patti Robinson, Kimberly Mullen and RJ IstvanNational and Local commercials. Conflicts and credits available on request
Special Skills Firearms, dancing, skiing, boating, horseback riding, voiceovers and Irish and German dialects 

U.S. Naval photographer. Retired Boston Police Officer with years of experience as a photographer/fingerprint expert and undercover detective. Worked undercover in riots, protest, stings and raids. He has been featured in several training videos. Has appeared on numerous television and radio talk shows and documentaries.

Cell 321 662 5663 email edono@bellsouth.net


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Ed Donovan

On set with Ernest Borgnine







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Awards and News

Ed Donovan Receives Best Supporting Actor from FMPTA

Crystal reel award winner. Best Supporting Actor. Ed Donovan WINS!

Ed Donovan has just received the best supporting actor award for 2009 from the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association `FMPTA` for his work in the Movie `Acts Of Mercy`.
The Crystal Reel Awards took place on September 12th, 2009.
IMDB Crystal Reel Awards
imdb.com Winner of Crystal Reel Awards. Ed Donovan WINS!